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A Home Screen Printing Studio in York

Since moving to York from Leeds, I have found it to be impossible to access anywhere nearby for my screen printing needs, and so I decided to set a studio up myself! Slipper Print Studio is based in my home in Heworth, an area in the suburbs of York. I wanted to create this space partly for my own printing needs, but also with the intention of providing screen print facilities for other artists, and possibly workshops as well for anyone wanting to learn.

The space is almost complete, other than a few small tweaks and additions, and consists of a combination of homemade structures and specialist screen print items. The studio can accommodate screen printing frames up to the size of 24" x 35", and there is a range of sizes of hinged printing boards, coating troughs, squeegees etc. The studio is mainly set up for paper printing, though we can prepare screens for use on fabric too.

This is a home studio with limited space so I am still looking into exactly how things will work regarding opening the studio up to other artists, but I do hope to make this possible very soon as it’s important to me provide a space for other screen printmaker in York who currently do not have one.


If you would like any more information about the studio please do get in touch,

email or follow us on Instagram:

Slipper Print Studio: About Us
Slipper Print Studio: Pro Gallery
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